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How To Measure Your Radiator

Please measure your radiator as indicated below.

Measurements should be exact - do not add to the actual width, height, and depth. We add to your measurements to allow for the width of the wood, to ensure that heat can escape, and for safety.

  • Width: Measure the width of your radiator including all valves and pipes.
  • Height: Measure the height from the floor to the top of the radiator.
  • Depth: Measure the depth from the wall to the radiator front.
  • Measure distance from any walls, window sills, pipes, or doors that come within 2 inches of the radiator.
  • Measure baseboard molding.
  • If you want feed or return pipes exposed, indicate which side(s) and how high to make the cut(s).

Some additional tips for measuring accurately:

  • Remember the old saying - "measure twice, cut once."
  • Old houses settle. Walls and floors may not be square or level.
  • Take measurements at the bottom, middle, and top of your wall and go with the smallest one.
  • Take into account all moldings in the room, including the baseboard, crown molding, chair rail, door jams, etc.
  • Make sure the radiator cover will fit through all doors, halls, staircases, and/or elevators so that you can transport the cover to the room it is intended for.

If you have questions, please call us. We will be happy to guide you.